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- Do not come into the gym. If you feel otherwise, please text me. 

- If you do have to come into the gym, please practice social distancing rule of 6 feet.

- Absolutely no one age 65 or older is allowed into the gym.


- Bring your own basketball and water bottle with name on it. 

- All basketballs will be wiped down or sprayed with disinfectant prior to entering the gym.

- Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as you enter the gym and regularly during the sessions.

Only allowed in the gym no more than 5 minutes before the session starts. 

- Once the session is completed, you are to leave the gym in a timely manner.

- If you are not feeling well, do not attend.

- Maintain 6 feet spacing. No high fives, handshakes,etc.

* No contact drills

* Limited number of participants

*Chemically sanitized facility

*If you've traveled within a 2 week period, please inform me.

**These rules will be in effect until restrictions are fully lifted **

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