Meet Coach Robinson

My Vision

After Spending 20 years coaching youth and high school basketball, I found the desire to switch gears and focus on skill development. With more and more parents forced into coaching their kids teams, I want to become a resource to help give the kids and coaches the needed skills to become the best player they can be. I've spend the last 4 years studying under two of the best skills coaches in the US, Reid Ouse and Drew Hanlen.

My goal is to introduce the finer details of the game to the players. To get them to look at it differently, showing them how even the smallest movement can have a big effect on their results. 

Former Timberwolves/Lynx

Youth Academy Director




Pure Sweat Basketball-

Drew Hanlen




Drew Hanlen NEXT

Mentorship Member

2018 Karl-Anthony Towns

ProCamp Coach

2018 Snow Valley

Basketball Coach

Waverly, IA

Drew Hanlen's 

Offseason Trainings

Los Angeles, CA